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4 Signs It’s Time to Get a New Printer for Your Business

Printers for businesses are more of a necessity these days rather than a luxury. You rely on this piece of equipment for your day-to-day operations.

It’s easy to get attached to your unit especially when it has served you for a long time. However, like most things, printers have their expiration date too. It gets worn out and its output is not the same as when you first got it. When you notice your unit showing signs of ageing, it is more practical for you to get a new model such as an HP DESIGNJET Z9+ 44-inch postscript printer among other good options.

What are the tell-tale warnings that it’s time to get a replacement for your business printer?

  1. It Doesn’t Meet Your Needs Anymore

Sometimes the problem is not with the machine itself but rather with your needs. You could be expanding and are in need of a faster and bigger printer. If your old printing device cannot keep up, then you should start thinking about making an upgrade. On the bright side, some newer printers like the HP DESIGNJET Z9+ 44-inch postscript printer have better capacity than most older copy, scan, and print machines.

  1. The Unit’s Performance Is Less Satisfactory

There are times as well when your printer’s output does not produce the best prints anymore. You’ll notice broken lines, discoloured pictures, and other errors that affect the quality of your printouts. This results to wasted paper, delayed submissions, and other setbacks in your business. If the usual maintenance does not do the job anymore, then it is time to look for a replacement. The performance of any machine is always one of the biggest signs that tell you it’s already time for a change in equipment. Visit us at Gom

  1. You Spend More Money and Time on Repair

If your printer spends more time in repair shops rather than actually working in your office, then it is pretty obvious you’ll need to have it replaced. Machines that require so much repair and maintenance will only cost you more money in the long run. Not only are you leaking cash out of your pocket, you are also delaying the workflow of your business. The longer it’s broken, the longer it takes for you to print out the things you need. You can save more money and decrease your downtime if you get a new and functional printer rather than keeping your old one.

  1. It’s Hard to Find Cartridge/Toner Replacements

Last on this list is if the refill or replacement for the cartridge and toner of your printer is hard to find. Refills for most old and obsolete models are really difficult to come by these days. Instead of spending too much time looking for replacement cartridges, you can get a newer model with refills that are easily available. Modern models such as the HP DESIGNJET Z9+ 44-inch postscript printer have inks available in almost all printer service shops. With a more reliable supply, you can avoid delays when your machine runs out of ink.

Is your printer showing any of the signs above? Then maybe it’s time to get your business a new printing machine. Listen to the warnings and avoid future setbacks in your office. For more information, check it out at