Citroën Vehicles Worthy of Your Consideration

If you are in the market for a reliable, all-around vehicle, you should check out the French brand, Citroën. Founded in 1919 by Andre Citroën not long after the conclusion of World War I, the car manufacturer has since established itself as the second largest car manufacturer in Europe. There are plenty of Citroën vehicles that might suit your preferences or needs like the C4 Picasso. If you are looking for a C4 Picasso for sale, you can visit a trusted car dealership in Brisbane today.

Citroën has set itself apart as a vanguard in the automobile industry with such innovations as the very first front-wheel-drive steel monocoque car that they unveiled back in 1934. The French company was also the first to utilize pneumatic suspension way back in 1955. Their more recent contributions to the industry are the so-called “Airbumps” as well as the “Airbag in Roof.”

Citroën has been a fixture in Australia for almost a century and offers a wide range of vehicles across different classes. Here is a brief list of Citroën vehicles that just might pique your interest:

1) Citroën C4 Picasso

Although it has since been re-branded into the Citroën C4 SpaceTourer, the C4 Picasso continues to stand out, with its ability to deliver both practicality as well as style. A stout multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), it’s a car that is great especially if you have a family as it provides space, comfort, and a plush interior. If you want to see one for yourself, you can go to one of the many car shops that have a C4 Picasso for sale.

2) Citroën C5

Another Citroën vehicle that is worth checking is the Citroën C5, which brims with a lot of character. A smooth, spacious, and economical vehicle that boasts of nifty features that you will enjoy, the C5 is more than capable of giving you French flair. If you are in search of a Citroen C5 Wagon for sale, there is an authorized car dealership in Brisbane that you can go visit. Check Brisbane City Citroen for more details.

3) Citroën DS

One more fine option to consider is the Citroën DS, which features a clean design, easy handling, and robust customisation options, making it a vehicle that gives you value for your money. If you want to test drive one, you just check out a Citroen DS for sale Australia dealerships have to offer.

4) Citroën C3

Rounding off this list is the Citroën C3, which features an alternative aesthetic charm that is fairly obvious from the inside and out. While it might jolt those that are used to the old Citroën charm, the C3 remains authentic to what the French brand has always stood out for—the ability to drive and do it well. If you are interested in checking out a Citroen C3 for sale, you can see and test-drive it at a Brisbane car dealership today.

There is is an authorised car dealership that have a C4 Picasso for sale in Brisbane. You can even check out the website, and find out what deals they have.


Reasons Why Car Maintenance and Servicing Is Important for Your Car

Our car, whether it’s brand new or not, needs to always be in pristine condition if we want to extend its longevity. While others think that having a car is just a liability, it is still a pretty good investment since it makes our life much more comfortable in a lot of ways. Because of this, it is essential to take your Kia car to the nearest Kia dealer service department for regular check-ups and maintenance to make sure that your car won’t have problems in the future.

Sadly, most people are pretty clueless about the importance of car maintenance. Below we are sharing some fundamental reasons why your car needs it.

Maintain your car at its best

By getting your car regularly serviced by the nearest Kia service department in your area, they’ll make sure that your car will perform the way it did before or even better. You’re ensured to get more stable steering, better tire traction, and better confidence in having a reliable engine starts. Even if we have busy daily schedules, it is essential to make time for this since it will only take a moment to call and book an appointment.

Lessen future repair cost

Contrary to the belief of others, taking your car for regular car maintenance doesn’t cost much compared to expensive car repairs due to negligence. Your Kia Picanto service cost, for example, will be much lower than it will be if you wait until something goes wrong or fails. Neglecting car maintenance might cause additional costs in the future since the risk of getting unexpected car repairs are significantly high. See more at Toowong Kia

Saves your precious time

By taking your car to be regularly maintained by Kia dealer service department, it will help you prevent experiencing more significant issues that could keep your vehicle from running. Imagine this, and neglecting car maintenance might cause your car to deal with a huge repair issue in the future and prevents you from using it for days or even weeks. It will surely make it inconvenient on your end, especially if you have a hectic daily schedule.

Keeps your car market value high

Another advantage of regularly taking your car to a Kia dealer service department is that it will ensure that the market value of your vehicle remains high. If you decide to sell your car, your car service record will be proof that your car is well maintained and always in better shape.

Better safety on the road

Imagine you are driving with your loved ones in the middle of the night, then your car suddenly breaks down. That kind of situation is surely quite scary and dangerous as well. Keeping your vehicle maintained regularly, will further increase your safety while on the road and prevent such kind of trouble. It prevents your car by breaking down and avoid broader issues from arising. To know more about car maintenance and servicing schedule, you are always free to call Kia customer service hotline that you can get on this website:


4 Reasons Why Buying a Used Car Is a Sound Decision

So, you have already made the big decision to purchase a car? If you thought making that call was huge, wait until you take the next step: deciding whether you want to buy a new model or a used one instead. This is a crucial decision to make as this can have a huge impact on your financial standing in the next few years. While buying a new car has its fair share of benefits, the same can be said with electing to buy a second-hand one. If you want to check out used city cars for sale, pay a visit to one of the many used car dealerships in Brisbane.

used city cars for sale

To help you make an informed decision, here is a list of good reasons to purchase a used car.

1. Cars depreciate

Let us get the biggest reason out of the way, shall we? Cars depreciate. Except for a few exceptions, purchasing a brand new car as an investment is not a sound decision. While it is true that today’s generation of cars lasts longer, vehicles still lose a lot of their value early on. As a matter of fact, you can expect your new car’s value to plunge by as much as 50% in its first three years. New cars may come packaged with a lot of perks like free maintenance and low financing costs but there is no escaping depreciation. For this reason, it is a great idea to purchase a vehicle at the used car lot. If you are looking for used cars for sale in Brisbane, you can check out one of the many reputable car dealerships in the area.

2) You can get more value for your money

Because of the reason discussed above, you can get a whole lot more value for money if you look to buy an automobile at the used car market. Your budget may only allow you to purchase a brand new entry-level vehicle but that very same budget can allow you to buy a fancier one if you check out the various used city cars for sale available in your area.

3) You have a lot to choose from

If you are searching for used cars for sale, you will be stunned by the number of models available on the used car market. From Ford Rangers to a Chevy S-10, to Toyota Corollas and Kia Sorentos, the used car market has it all! The automobile that you want may no longer be produced today but as sure as the sky is blue, you will find that in the used car market. You only need to take a peek at the cars for sale Brisbane area dealers have.

4) You can enjoy lower insurance costs

Your car’s current value is what an insurance company takes into consideration when determining insurance rates. The more value your car has, the more money a company has to shell out in the event of an accident. In this vein, a used BMW sedan will cost far less to insure compared to a brand new one. If this sounds good to you, you can try looking at the cars for sale North Brisbane automobile dealers have to offer.

If the aforementioned reasons have compelled you to consider buying a secondhand vehicle, you can check out used city cars for sale on the website,