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Health and Wellness Assessments: Why it’s Crucial to Carry them Out

Recognizing you splurged time and funds on an unfit employee can be a frustration. Therefore, human resources managers must carry out a health and wellness assessment well before hiring workers.


health and wellness assessment


Supposing that you’re interested in doing an early health and wellness assessment, here are some substantial reasons you need to proceed:

1 – Unexpected sticky cases can have a bearing on your reliability

In order to prevent taking the chance of your clients’ trust thanks to an employee’s consistent poor workplace habit, you ought to conduct an early interference.

Starting from the hiring procedure, you need to keep an eye on who is the most suitable to accomplish the endeavours required by your enterprise.

For instance, a Functional Capacity Evaluation can help decide if an applicant can execute the physical responsibilities needed. The measures include physical examinations such as lifting power, flexibility, as well as balancing.

2 – Less complicated risk-management

Overseeing risks are simplified if it’s supported by preventive measures.

That’s exactly why analyses like Drug and Alcohol testing are incredibly advised during hiring. It should even be necessary for industries that require manual labour.

Simply envision the risk that will be spread by a person with an alcohol problem entrusted to do the job in a mining area.

Carrying out a pre employment medical or a health and wellness assessment clearly helps you distinguish individuals who are fit for the task.

Disaster solution

On the other hand, if accidents occur, you must be able to take action adequately. To prepare for this, you can easily tap the services of professionals on injury management.

They can provide you with an occupational health and wellbeing program that will be customized to the limitations of your staff member. Click here Resile for more information.

3 – Minimal threats to productivity

Pre-employment testing helps you keep away from individuals who can hinder the efficiency of your tasks.

4 – You support policies

If you want your firm to stick to an anti-drug or alcohol usage policy, pre-employment testing is a great starting point.

5 – You protect your existing workers

By performing pre-employment assessments, you are additionally protecting the benefit of your present staff members. You will have to test if this person will work well with other workers.

Finding out the character or background applicant through the test can also help you with that.

Additional significant occupational examinations

Work Environment Hazard Assessment

This is an examination that establishes the kinds of threats existing inside a place of work. These hazards are usually analysed by a certified Occupational Hygienist.

Hazards can be grouped as Biological, Chemical, Ergonomic, or Psychosocial. If a place of work is discovered to have one or two of those hazard kinds, the specialists will at that point carry out crucial practices to ease the circumstance.

Place of Work Risk Assessment

Risk evaluation is the required action that proceeds after hazard assessment.

If the detected risk is extremely damaging, the exposed employees may experience health surveillance. The latter is performed to check the exposed individuals if they became infected with a disease.

On the contrary, if a labourer gets injured, he or she will be under the assistance of an Injury Management program.


No worker would certainly commit to a carelessly serviced working area. As an employer, you are in charge of taking action for always keeping your region safe for them.

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