How Does Kubernetes Work on Your Site

Many people still wonder what is kubernetes and why they need it for their sites, especially the business site. Coming as a decent management platform for containers, Kubernetes offers a range of advantages. Here are how Kubernetes might work on your business site management and the benefits it offers that make it irresistible for site deployment and management.

Automatically Managing System Storage

When it comes to the system storage, there are options you can choose from but there are limited solutions to manage the storage. Whether public cloud providers or local storage, mounting a storage system manually is no longer feasible. On the other hand, you can’t risk errors driven by human or other factors. Kubernetes comes as the solution by allowing you to apply automation when mounting a storage system. This way, Kubernetes makes storage orchestration possible.

Promoting Stable Deployment

Deployment usually faces many challenges and there were times where instability became the major issue. These include how to manage and distribute traffic to support a smooth deployment. On the other hand, discovering the targeted container may take a longer time. Kubernetes offers load balancing to deal with the unbalanced traffic, whether it’s too low or too high by distributing them. The container’s IP address or DNS name is exposed by Kubernetes allowing easy service discovery.

Managing Your Resources

Each container requires a particular amount of resources including RAM and CPU. No matter how big resource you have for containerized tasks, you’d have to find solution to manage it. Kubernetes allows you to set nodes in a cluster and place them for running these tasks automatically. Kubernetes can manage the containers automatically based on the nodes you’ve clustered. Automation on the bin/resource packing would be helpful for a smooth running. On the other words, knowing what is Kubernetes can help you manage your available resources in a more efficient way.

Protecting Your Stack Configuration

Managing confidential or secret configuration could be a daunting task when you’re managing your client’s website. If you’ve been working on website development services for a while, you should have known how important this element is. The configuration management should be solid in action and you need to ensure that there are no lacks and exposes during the process. Whether SSH Keys, passwords or other credentials, they deserve to have reliable “protection”. With Kubernetes, you can deploy configurations or any updates without exposing them to your clients or users. Your company’s secret is safe with Kubernetes.

Cycling The Containers Automatically

Don’t get confused with the term “cycling” as it simply refers to restarting, killing, and replacing the problematic containers. You should know that what is kubernetes providing include the self-repairing capabilities at the level you might not imagine. Once you’re running health check, there would be containers not responding or failing and it could be painful to trace and to process it manually. With Kubernetes, these problematic containers will be repaired or killed and replaced automatically so you can save time and resources when checking the health.