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How to Better Pitch SEO to Prospective Clients

Want to snatch that SEO sales job being offered?

Even if you have what it takes to be an SEO Sales Manager or one of the members of the team, there will always be one challenge that you will face each and every time—selling.

seo sales job

Sure, a sales job is all about selling to prospective clients and closing a deal. But in the competitive world of SEO, getting your feet through the door will never be as easy as pie.

For one, it is easy for anyone to say they are an SEO expert but does a poor job that brings the entire industry down, giving it a bad reputation. For another, the barrier of entry is low, which means anyone can start an SEO agency and saturate the market. When this happens, pitching SEO to a business, especially one that has been ripped off an “SEO guru”, would be twice as hard.

Good thing there are ways to ease the pain of an SEO sales job. It’s all about using the right strategies for the right people or business.

In a nutshell, SEO or search engine optimisation is a way for a website to rank higher in search results by implementing strategies that generate leads, engage clients, and encourage them to convert or buy a product.

There’s nothing simple about it, however.

If the 200 signals that Google use as ranking factors are any indication, it is one complicated web. This, alone, gives you a good idea of what SEO sales entail. Click here Ryan Deiss for more details.

How do you go about pitching SEO then?

Acknowledge that some SEOs suck

Every industry has a snake oil salesman and SEO is no different. By acknowledging this fact, the person listening to your pitch will take into consideration what you are trying to sell. You can even convince someone who has been ripped off by an agency or company. He may take some convincing to not walk out on you, but he will stay long enough to rant and rave.

This will provide you with an opportunity to offer a better and more reliable way of doing things. You can show them that you are different and that you can do better for them.

Listen and listen well

Listening with very big ears not only allows you to understand a business’ concerns about the whole concept of SEO but also their goals, current marketing efforts, and state of their website.

Say an entrepreneur tells you that they know SEO strategies are easy. Part of the Ardor SEO sales job is to listen to their explanations and see if they’re talking ideas instead of tactics.

The difference will give you an opening to help them understand that an SEO specialist not only has strategies up their sleeves but the ability to ensure the tactics used will hit the nail right on the head.

Admit that results don’t show overnight

It is a fact that SEO takes a long time, but there are strategies that can boost one area of SEO like traffic and authority. On-page optimisation, for example, can boost traffic quickly, making it a good place to start with.

These strategies, however, will not work for everyone. No two businesses are exactly alike, after all. But if you see challenges as opportunities, find jobs in SEO sales at If you live in Thailand, don’t worry. Check out remote jobs in Thailand instead.