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The Best Florist You Can Hire Has These 4 Qualities

Looking for a florist South Auckland wide isn’t supposed to be hard, right?


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It shouldn’t be. However, it isn’t supposed to be a careless task, either.

In our society, those who practice in any artistic profession are not taken seriously.

This should not be the case.

Professions like floral designing need to be respected more. Their jobs entail more than just snipping stems.

They make the world more colourful and bright with their artistic eye—it’s just that their medium is flowers.

A skilled florist in South Auckland must have the following characteristics.

1. They have good knowledge of plants, flowers, or landscaping.

How can you trust someone who doesn’t have an ounce of knowledge in what they do?

For floral designers, this is especially true. A florist has to know his or her art.

As the client, you will pose many questions regarding design, flowers, and landscaping. Those questions may range from allergies down to maintenance.

Any working florist South Auckland has today must cater to your questions.

It is also a huge plus to learn something new about flowers and plants.

2. They have an artistic eye—and it shows.

Besides being a smartypants, they also have to be creative.

Being an artist is not all about pleasing oneself; it’s about stimulating others’ senses, touching their hearts, and making something worthwhile.

A passionate florist has an artistic eye and it will definitely show.

They will materialise their vision and make your place beautiful—regardless if it’s a small room or a big wedding venue.

So, make sure to check the portfolio of a South Auckland florist. Even better, you can check their website and look for reviews from their clients.

3. They have great rapport and communication with clients.

Talents and knowledge will still be worthless without the right attitude.

How can you sell to clients if you talk over them or insult them?

Therefore, a florist who is a pleasant conversationalist is a huge plus.

This is not particularly the sales talk, by the way. It’s their manner of talking to you as a person, not just as a client.

Not only will you talk to this person with ease—but you will also feel free to question their options.

4. They are willing to do the dirty work in designing.

Although this is not always the case, any florist must also be ready to do dirty work.

There will be inevitable instances where no one else is available to do harder work.

Case in point: you know how event preparations go—sometimes you become understaffed. Everyone becomes occupied at some point.

A good florist understands this.

They should not charge you for every task that comes their way.

Overall, you will know you’re dealing with the best florist South Auckland has to offer if:

  • …everything is in place.
  • …everyone’s jaws are dropping at the beauty facing them.
  • …you have no trace of regret in hiring them.

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