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What to Know about FileMaker Training

FileMaker Pro is a popular choice for non-developer users of database engine apps. But is FileMaker training really worth it? Does it guarantee a satisfying ROI?

Find out if you should really invest in FileMaker training:

Why use FileMaker Pro?

Many business owners wonder if FileMaker training is really worth the time and energy. The answer is yes—but it depends on their business requirements, of course.

FMP is a tool for creating solutions. Its real power is streamlining a hefty workflow and making your life easier. Its shining cost-benefits are its: Check it out at Neocode

  • High customisability – You can do so much tweaking with FMP. You’ll be amazed at the extent of your control over the representation and interpretation of your data.
  • User-friendly features – Because it’s primarily for end-users, you don’t need advanced programming or coding skills to operate it.
  • Good developer reputation – The developers and company behind FileMaker Pro are reputable. They are also consistent with their good track record.
  • Lucrative career path – If you’re planning to take FileMaker Consultancy as a career path, you’ll be pleased to know that FileMaker developers and consultants earn good money.

FileMaker Solutions for Small Business

These are the key advantages small businesses will get after using or training for FileMaker Pro (FMP):

Quick & Easy Data Filtering

Training includes teaching employees the different modes FMP usage. They will learn to filter, search, and sort data. Built-in tools are available for users to tweak. This makes it easier and faster to locate the critical data.

Enhanced Security Features

Besides its cross-platform feature, users love FileMaker Pro because of its security feature. For instance, you can access security warnings every time you connect to suspicious hosts. These hosts usually have unverified security certificates. In addition, you can find a secret edit box for hiding sensitive data.

Apps for Boosting Productivity

Companies who invested in the recent FMP model saw productivity shoot up to 74%. This is all thanks to the FMP developers who studied their clients’ usage patterns. With the newly improved custom app development, you can help your employees work more efficiently.

Apps that Focus on Basics

The latest FMP 17 launched new starter apps. The developers enhanced those apps’ adaptability for each company’s most basic needs & projects. In a way, it blurs the difference between professional and casual usage. The apps were made easier but still informative.

Solid for CMR

FileMaker Pro is the ideal tool for Customer Relationship Management (CMR). You can use it for organising and creating sales strategies. Since FMP is a relational database engine, you can use it to store crucial customer data such as items purchased and when they bought it. These data are vital for creating marketing strategies.

Guaranteed ROI

Not all developers and end-users like or continue to use FMP. Yet, many professionals and clients are being hooked on FMP’s power. One of the reasons is guaranteed ROI. For instance, a customer who used FMP to create custom iOS solutions got an excellent ROI in just less than three months.

How to get or train for FMP

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